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I started Not Just Caulking® in 2017 because I heard a few people say that it was hard to find caulking professionals. I had worked for a high rise building caulking company in my 20’s, so it got me thinking of starting a business. It started off as Just Caulking to communicate clear and easily what we did. It was not long before I realized how many of my customers needed other types of work done!

My first job was through the YMCA when I was 12, taring the roof on an A&P grocery store…remember those?! I would continue on to work for different construction companies, including full home building from foundation to painting and everything in between.

It wasn’t long before the name was changed to Not Just Caulking ® and started a company the specializes in Caulking applications but really encompasses many building facets and can be used for small or large-scale projects. Having a great network of professionals, tried and true skilled tradesman, there isn’t much Not Just Caulking ® can’t do for you!

Here at NJC, we aim to provided honest assistance and clear solutions to anyone who is looking for it. We are all about building a relationship and enjoying the process through trust and great communication. We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail and treat each property like our own property.


“We received the best services we could hope for!”

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