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Broken springs

Damaged cables

Weather sealing

Panel repair

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Opener issues

Sensor alignment

Roller replacement

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Garage door replacement

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Garage Door Broken
Spring Repair

Have your garage door springs broken? We highly recommend not operating the garage door and giving one of our professionally trained garage door technicians a call to replace the springs. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and tampering with them can cause the garage door to collapse resulting in injury.

Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement

The garage door cables are what transfer the lifting power of the springs to the garage door. Cables tend to come off when the garage door springs are broken. Lifting cables are typically attached on either side of the garage door and if one is damaged or snapped you can see that your garage door isn’t level when opening or closing. When the cables are severely damaged the garage door will not operate. Contact us for your garage door cable replacement.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Age, rust, and broken parts can affect the performance of your garage door. Minor damage or accidental damage can cause a panel to bend or warp stopping the garage door from opening or closing properly. Many times this doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire garage door. You can opt for panel replacement in order to get the garage door to operate smoothly. We carry all major brands and models of garage doors and have panels in stock to quickly get your garage door operational again.

Garage Door Opener Repair

We have diagnosed and repaired all different makes and models of garage door openers. You can trust our technicians to fix your broken garage door opener. We carry various parts of major garage door openers and can repair your opener. Call us now to book a service with the most reliable team of trusted garage door technicians at Calgary Garage Doors.

Damaged Hinges or Worn Out Garage Door Rollers

Worn-out garage door rollers can cause your garage door to not operate smoothly on the garage door tracks. The same can be said about damaged hinges. Keeping the parts of your garage door lubricated and maintained is important to prevent future problems with your garage door. We are here to help when it comes to all your garage door maintenance needs and repairs.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs These powerful springs lift the entire weight of your garage door up. A damaged spring can result in injury or cause damage to other garage door parts. Torsion springs are designed to last for 10 000 cycles with regular maintenance


Reinforced Steel cables are connected from the bottom of your garage door to the cable drums. The torsion springs lift the entire door up via the cables. A damaged cable will result in the door not lifting or lifting at an angle.